Attended: Rupert Murden (RM), Richard Birch (RB), Bruce Kirkham (BK), Tony East (TE), Jude Jackson (JJ)

Prior to the meeting proper the VMCC met with BK to update issues which had been discussed by the committee.

Organisations represented:

Police – Darren & Jenny

Fire – Mark walker

H&S Events Committee – Paul Whittaker

Our H&S Advisor – Bruce Kirkham

Ambulance – Ray Beatty (acting Chief Ambulance Officer)

G4S – Barry Edwards

Meeting Purpose: to list concerns and issues and seek potential solutions for Festival of Jurby.

Jurby is the biggest attended event on the island. Everyone accepted that we are almost a victim of our success. We have grown bigger and bigger. Suspect that we probably have solutions for most issues but these need to be formally discussed and a proper risk assessment process carried out. There are also likely to be issues that we may not be aware of or have not yet located solutions for.

Apologies from Highways. They are reasonably happy about the management of traffic travelling to and from event. Only issue is parking away from the event which clogs the roads.

Medical cover – RB

Trackside and public first aid are maintained separately which is essential. Unfortunately what is needed is a manager of all the medical cover who has contact by radio with 999 service. The actual medical personnel is at a good level medically and numerically. They are not used efficiently.

The example for last year was that all 3 ambulances had patients on board but nobody actually knew that. They were all turning out to each potential emergency situation. We had emergency member of public. Had to use trackside ambulance. When the helicopter arrived both ambulances went out to it. Member of public stung by bee and nothing available to help him/her.

A manager would be able to designate who deals with what problem. Would know what resources are and where they are (ambulances do not always have exactly same equipment). Need a separate First Aid point for public as well as the existing one that is trackside. Also need to think about the siting of ambulances and first aiders. Also need to be able to move a patient if needed (red lane?) VMCC have already recognised the need for the Red Lane and restricted parking on the site.

First Aiders need to be identifiable.

First Aiders need to be abler to use equipment available (eg defibrillators).

ACTION: RB will meet with BK to discuss who this should be and the scope of their role for the site plan/risk assessment process.


Fire Service – Mark Walker (other rep Mark ?Christian)

  • Signage in some places needs to be more careful. E.G. Ballaugh Bridge the signs were on the bridge but should be either side, far away enough to give drivers warning of the turn needing to be made.
  • Fire extinguishers need to be distributed around the site.
  • High level signage is needed so people know where the extinguishers are. Positions should also be recorded on the site map that will be in the programme.
  • Students and other stewards must be trained to use them.
  • Marquee exits were blocked by vehicles parked outside them. VMCC have forbidden that to happen this year to allow for the Red Lane behind the marquees.
  • Need there to be someone in charge of the whole event . Suggest BK on the day.
  • Risk of fire in the car park. Need fire breaks to ensure that a fire engine can get through. It would also restrict the number of machines risking being damaged/ spreading the fire.


VMCC would like Fire Brigade presence at the event, especially as it is the biggest attended event. FB have many calls on their time and resources during the fortnight. In theory response from Ramsey or kirk Michael would be 15 minutes but this is unlikely in view of traffic, etc in the vicinity. There would be a charge for it.


ACTION: KB to investigate possibility and cost.




  • Signage needs to be bigger and better so drivers can see it easier.
  • Need route for ambulance/fire engine. Red Lane already designated.
  • Emergency Rendez Vous Point is parade ground opposite Motor Museum, next to new Health Centre.
  • Information Point needs a big sign outside it.
  • Risk of terrorism – need staff to be instructed what to do with suspect packages or vehicles being driven into people.
  • Communication if there was to be a problem. In the event of a serious issue, mobiles may not work. Need access to siren? Tannoys are hard to hear above the noise of bikes.
  • Possible trackside /public area needs to be checked for explosives? Would be Police, first thing in the morning (probably v low risk at present).


ACTION jenny to speak with BK


  • Biggest problem is parking. Discussed the need to find more controlled parking to try to avoid parking on Industrial estate and anywhere they can, blocking roads.
  • Potential solution – runway extension on Sandygate Rd for bikes. Person who leases it from government willing to move sheep. It’s tarmacked, but need to cross hundreds of people over the road safely. Suggestion of a timed road closure. Once event bike parking at Jurby so full (3/4?). Close Sandygate rd. at the entrance overspill. Bikes have to turn in there and park. Means it would be safer for people to cross road to event. If they want to leave they could turn into village if needed but slowly?
  • Probably need JCK field for cars. If use for bikes would need loads of bike stands. Certainly would need the means to tow vehicles out of field if weather is wet. Numbers would be reduced if it rained.
  • Same for field opposite front entrance.


ACTION Police and G4S need to meet. G4s not allowed to direct traffic G4S inside event, police outside. May be a payment issue for police.



  • BK will train stewards.
  • Training needs to include fire extinguishers.
  • Radios needed


ACTION Central point for contact will be BK.


ACTION BK will send his contact details to PW who will cascade them to everybody

Note – Government have 2 mobile lit up signs (Matrix Boards?).


ACTION PW to arrange next meeting for around 23.5.17. On-site meeting. Include Highways if possible to discuss parking potential solutions and Red Lane (needs to be 43m wide?)




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