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To all of our Friends and Colleagues in the VMCC,

With the start of a New Year we thought that you might like to know how our website has progressed. We set it up as a non-commercial proposition aimed to be the “Ultimate Motorcyclist’s Directory” and judging by the response and support that we have received; we are well on our way to achieving this.

We launched the website at the Stafford Bike Show at the end of April 2016 and so it is only some 8 months old, yet during that short time we have had thousands of visitors with well over 80,000 visits!

Being long-term members we have always supported the VMCC and all of its Sections and activities.
Our website statistics show us the top 10 visited pages and to date the VMCC pages have remained within the top 5! A separate article about the VMCC’s library titled “Original Factory Records” has also proved to be very popular and remained within the top 10 most visited pages.

So, no doubt those at the VMCC’s Head Office and Section members will be absolutely delighted with the extra publicity and popularity of these articles in promoting the Club and all that it achieves.
In addition to this there are many more articles and pages that constantly cross-reference and refer to the VMCC, thus further promoting the Club as a whole.

We consider our website visiting figures pretty impressive for a relatively new venture and these have been achieved despite the fact that a lot of the VMCC Sections still don’t appear to have put a link to John’s Motorcycle News on their own website or Facebook page.

So, come on guys, if you haven’t already done and you share our wish to make the VMCC better than ever, could you please give us a mention and add a link to our website as it will be of tremendous benefit to all concerned?

Anyway, all that remains is for us to wish you and your Section a Happy New Year and your members safe and enjoyable riding in 2017.

All the very best from

John & Michael

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